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Learn More about Radon

So you found the perfect home and inspections are done.  You’ve reviewed your inspection report with your inspector and learned that the radon count came in higher than epa levels.  An EPA level over 4.0.  What now?

This happens more and more with my clients.  Fear sets in.  It is important to learn more about this natural gas that lives with us and why it should not deter you from moving forward with the home when you have elevated levels of radon.

First, let’s talk more about what is radon? Radon is a odorless gas. How it is produced is from the natural radioactive decay of uranium.  This is found in all rocks and soils.  It can leak through cracks in your basement or slab, through the dirt floor of your crawl space, and what I learned more recently from your basement walls.  What a radon specialist will tell you is that it can be corrected and levels can be brought down immediately.  How?

With your radon count in hand, this document is given to a mitigation company to move forward.  These specialists come into the home and will add one or more suction pipes depending on the count level.  They are inserted through the floor slab into the crushed rock or soil underneath.  I have seen them recently inserted into the walls of basements homes.   They also may be inserted below the concrete slab from outside the home.  Radon can be reduced up to 99% according to NY Health website that will talk more about radon.  Different size of fans can also be installed.  This fan continuously pulls air from the soil or wall and vents it outdoors above your roof that dissipates into the air.  After this is completed, the radon company will conduct another test to check your levels once again.

Now what if you have lived in your home or recently purchased your home and did not conduct a radon test?  Below is a link that you can add your info and property address and NY State will mail you a radon can free.  Easy directions are provided as to how to get an accurate reading within your home.

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As your realtor, it is always my pleasure to provide you with information and contacts to help.  Always remember that I am just a text, email or phone call to be at your service.